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Succulent planters are special pots or containers used to grow succulents, a type of plant that is popular for its ability to store water in their leaves and stems. 

These planters can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, each with unique features to help your succulents thrive. 

Some planters have built-in drainage holes to prevent overwatering, while others are made from materials that help control the moisture level of the soil. 

From simple terracotta pots to elegant ceramic bowls or quirky geometric designs, there’s a succulent planter to suit every style and space. 

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, a good succulent planter is a must-have for your indoor or outdoor garden.

Best Succulent planters

Best Pots for Your Cool and Quirky Cactus Garden

Celine Cast Stone

Celine Cast Stone planters

The Celine Cast Stone Planter by Campania International is a tough, heavy pot that looks like stone. It has a drainage hole, perfect for cactus plants.

Charlotte Triangular

Charlotte Triangular

The American Essence Charlotte Triangular Planter is a light, strong, triangle-shaped pot made from recyclable plastic. It doesn’t have a drainage hole, so fill it with gravel to avoid overwatering your plants.

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Dale Fiberglass

The Jay Scotts Dale Fiberglass Planter can stand up to sunlight and cold. It’s a light, low pot that comes with optional drainage holes.

Timbrell Fiberglass

The Jay Scotts Timbrell Fiberglass Planter is a long, oval-shaped pot that can also withstand sunlight and cold. Like the Dale Fiberglass Planter, you can choose whether or not it has drainage holes.

Short Hayden Fiberglass

The Jay Scotts Short Hayden Fiberglass Planter Set comes with three different-sized pots. These pots are great for bigger cactuses and plants that hang down.

Nested Small Metal

The Nested Small Metal Planters Set from Plow & Hearth is a strong, two-piece set that looks like brass. The pots don’t have drainage holes, so you’ll need to keep them somewhere safe from rain.

GEO Trough

The Veradek GEO Trough Planter is a long, slim pot made from strong stainless steel. It doesn’t have drainage holes, so you’ll need to add gravel before planting. Veradek makes their pots from 70% recycled materials and they’re fully recyclable.

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Binwen Modern Ceramic with Bamboo Tray

This 6-inch round ceramic dish from Binwen is perfect for showing off a small group of cactuses. It has a drainage hole and a bamboo tray.

Reclaimed Wood Hexagon with Succulents

Reclaimed Wood Hexagon with Succulents

This hexagon-shaped planter is made in California from reclaimed wood. It comes filled with a mix of cactuses and moss. It’s perfect for gifting and sold on Succulent Gardens.

Tips for Successful Succulents Growing

Drainage is Very Important

Use light, gravel-rich soil and pots with holes in the bottom. Or, you can use clear plastic saucers to protect surfaces from water.

Let Your Plants Sit on the Rim

Don’t plant your cactuses too deep. This could lead to rotting and disease.

Only Water When the Soil is Totally Dry

Different pots and soils dry out at different rates, so always check before watering.

Design Tips

Use the “Thriller + Spiller + Filler” formula to create a balanced arrangement. The “thriller” is your most exciting plant, the “spiller” is a plant that hangs down, and the “filler” is a low plant that ties everything together.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to create your own cool and quirky cactus garden. Enjoy!

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