10 Dog Behaviours & What They Mean

Tail wagging

A wagging tail can indicate happiness and excitement in dogs. The speed and height of the wag can convey different emotions.

Rolling over

Rolling over can be a sign of submission, trust, or a playful invitation for belly rubs and attention.


Dogs bark for various reasons, including alerting their owners, expressing fear or aggression, seeking attention, or communicating their needs.


Dogs lick to show affection, seek attention, or as a self-soothing behavior. Excessive licking, however, can indicate anxiety or discomfort.


Dogs may paw at their owners to get attention, express affection, or seek interaction.

Jumping up

Jumping up can be a sign of excitement or an attempt to seek attention and greet their owners or visitors.

Tail tucked between legs

A tucked tail usually indicates fear, anxiety, or submission. It's a sign that the dog is feeling stressed or uncomfortable.


Growling is a warning sign that a dog is feeling threatened or agitated. It's important to respect the dog's boundaries and give them space.

Tail held high and stiff

A stiff, upright tail can indicate alertness, confidence, or even aggression. It's important to assess the overall body language of the dog to understand the context.

Play bow

When a dog lowers its front end and raises its hind end, it's often an invitation to play. It signals that they are in a playful and friendly mood.

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