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10 Most Beautiful Birds in the World

Blue songbird with shades from Alice blue to sapphire. Noisy, fearless, found from Mexico to the Amazon.

1. Blue-gray Tanager

Colorful bird with red, black, blue, green, purple, and yellow plumage. Bred in captivity, with mysterious glowing beads in chicks' mouths.

Gouldian Finch

Common US bird with intensely red plumage and black wings. Female is olive green. Loves oranges.

Scarlet Tanager

Unique crest of violet-blue, fan-shaped feathers named after Queen Victoria. Its blue and purplish feathers contrast with ruby-red eyes. Near threatened.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Eastern Australia's male parrot: mostly green with a yellow belly, blue face and wings with red shoulder patches.

Turquoise Parrot

stunning amethyst plumage, curved bill for sipping nectar from bromeliad flowers.

Purple Honeycreeper

Beautiful, graceful mute swan: white body, orange bill, black mask. Heaviest swimming bird, monogamous, elegant in flight, but bad-tempered.

Mute Swan

The peacock, Pavo cristatus, Pavo muticus, and Afropavo congensis, uses its colorful train to attract females but is at risk from predators.


New Guinea bird, torchlight-like appearance, red-orange head, flame yellow back and wings, builds bower decorated with shiny objects, golden eyes, crazy courtship dance

Flame Bowerbird

Exotic Paradisaeidae birds, found in Oceania, known for male's vibrant plumage, considered stunning.

Birds of Paradise