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10 most common reasons for divorce in a relationship 

Some of the reasons that couples split up and divorce are critical injuries, the death of a child, or infertility.

Major Life Trauma

It's one of the most painful things a spouse can go through, and the unfaithful party is often unwilling to seek counselling after an affair.


A good marriage is the coming together of two minds in order to create a unified life together.  If the parties involved never combined their separate lives from the start

Relationship Unhealthy to Begin With

This lack of individuality is neither healthy nor personally fulfilling, resulting in overall dissatisfaction for the spouse who has lost their identity.

Lost Sense of Self

According to one study, as many as 45% of couples decide to divorce due to substance abuse issues.


When one or more of these elements are present in a relationship, it becomes demoralising and toxic.


 "Arguments about money were longer and usually more intense than other types of marital disagreements."

Financial Difficulties

However, couples who marry in their early twenties "report more marital problems and are at a higher risk of divorce than individuals who marry later in life."

Marriage at a Young Age

If an extramarital affair is too much for you to bear, you have the right to set limits with your midlife crisis spouse.

Personal Growth/ Mid-Life Crisis

According to studies, the most damaging factor in a child's childhood is conflict and volatility in the home, not a parent's divorce.

Unhealthy Environment for the Children