12 lucky colors for each zodiac sign

ARIES: Red  

Symbolizing fire and passion, red is a powerful color. Desire, intense emotion, and lust are all characteristics of Aries.


Green rules earth signs. Taurus' desires correspond to abundance, prosperity, earthy indulgence, and attainment, according to Stardust.

GEMINI: Yellow 

When it comes to communication, yellow is the color to choose. The color yellow is the color of communication

CANCER: White or Silver 

Cancer's moon is associated with white and silver, the moon's colors. These shades represent intuition and purity, 

LEO : Orange or Gold

Leos wear orange and gold. The colors allow Leo to "revel in its regal authority and regal beauty."

VIRGO: Brown

Brown is a powerful color for this Earth sign. "Brown symbolizes stability and growth, qualities Mercury

LIBRA: Light Pink

Since Venus is Libra's ruling planet, Libra loves light pink shades. With this color, Libras are attuned to harmony, peace, balance, tenderness, and affection. 

SCORPIO : Black 

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, so black resonates with this water sign. In black, Scorpios feel protected and mysterious. 


Purple is for Sagittarius people. It symbolizes spirituality. They feel calm and uplifted,"


Capricorn's power color is burgundy, which exudes quality and sophistication that this sign values tremendously.

AQUARIUS : Electric blue 

Aquarians should wear electric blue since Uranus rules electricity and creativity.


Pisces prefers teal, a more toned-down shade of blue green, while Aquarius prefers bright blues.