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5 Top Apparel Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

Fashion industry faces inflation, geopolitical tensions, and weakened consumer demand. Brands must be agile and creative to succeed.

New Economic Headwinds

Apparel industry adapts to sustainability trend. Brands are incorporating sustainable materials & eco-friendly processes but cost constraints remain.

Increased Focus on Sustainability

Apparel industry shifts to DTC for personalized shopping, greater control & data. Diverse sales channels still crucial for growth.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Business Models

Apparel industry adopts AI and automation, accelerating digitalization due to COVID-19.

Rapid Digital Transformation

Athleisure trend expands, valued at $248.31bn in 2020. Consumers demand comfortable, versatile clothing. Market to grow at 6.54% CAGR (2021-2026)

The Ongoing Appeal of Athleisure