7 Antique Furniture Pieces That Are Incredibly Valuable Now

USM Haller Storage Units: Durable, stylish, and in-demand, these units stand the test of time, coming in various colors, but at a premium price.

1870s Saratoga Trunks: Antique charm meets practicality; Saratoga Trunks, named after the resort town, offer vintage storage with lithographed paper lining.

Ettore Sottsass Mandarin Chairs: Vibrant and collectible, Sottsass's Mandarin Chairs bring lively design to spaces, sought after for their unique craftsmanship.

1986 Phillips & Clark Stove Co. Art Andes 20 Stove: Antique stove collectors covet the Phillips & Clark Stove, a bulky yet artistic piece with intricate detailing.

Mid-Century Chairs: Sturdy, sleek, and highly valued, mid-century chairs from iconic artisans like Saaranin and Hans Wegner define enduring design.

1987 Wallace Nutting Windsor Chair: This classic chair, valued at $2,000, represents 19th-century design, with older pieces gaining higher value over time.

Oak Hoosier Cabinets: Functional and lasting, these sturdy cabinets from 1898 Indiana offer timeless storage, now fetching high prices in the market.