7 critically acclaimed films that audiences didn’t like

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Remaking a classic faces backlash; Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka can't match the original's charm. Tim Burton's touch isn't enough.

Antz: Animated ants with celebrity voices miss the mark; Critics find humor, but audiences get alien vibes. Sylvester Stallone as an ant falls flat.

Spy Kids: Kid-friendly spy adventure splits opinions; Critically acclaimed, but adult audiences find it lacking. Millennial nostalgia clashes with adult views.

Married to the Mob: '80s charm not universal; Critics praise the star-studded cast, but audiences opt for other classics. Michelle Pfeiffer can't win everyone over.

Ad Astra: Brad Pitt in space divides audiences; Critics admire aesthetics, but general viewers find it lacking. George Clooney's space legacy overshadows.

Sausage Party: Animated comedy's mixed reception; Critics embrace the humor, but audiences find it plain bad. A fantastic cast can't save it for everyone.

Stuart Little: Nostalgia clouds judgment; Millennials defend childhood favorite, but general audiences question its merit. Critics see value in Stuart's tale.