8 Effective Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyeshadow Look Brighter

Prime with Eye Primer: Eye primers not only enhance eyeshadow longevity but also add vibrancy and make colors pop, addressing eyelid pigmentation.

Use Eyeshadow Base: Apply a thick and creamy eyeshadow base to intensify color pay off and help eyeshadows adhere to the eyelid.

White Eye Pencil Trick: White eye pencils, with their creamy formula, can act as a base, enhancing color intensity and canceling out eyelid pigmentation.

Enhance with Black Eye Pencil: Apply a black eye pencil as a base for darker eyeshadows to intensify their vibrancy, particularly effective for sultry shades.

Layering Technique: Layer eyeshadows twice, especially with monochrome looks, using different finishes like matte and shimmer for a bold and bright appearance.

Wet Brush Technique: Dampen the eyeshadow brush with water or setting spray to intensify pigmentation and make eyeshadows appear brighter.

Concealer as a Base: If you don't need an extra eye primer, use a creamy, skin-toned concealer as a base to adhere eyeshadows better and provide even, brighter color intensity.