7 Foods The Bible Mentions That We Still Eat Today

Olive Oil: Mediterranean star, salad savior, and symbol of peace since biblical times. Olive oil boasts taste and fitness blogger-approved health benefits

Figs: Sweet, purple, and Instagram-worthy. Once symbols of prosperity, figs now grace health bars and upscale desserts

Almonds: Crunchy delights symbolizing promise and alertness in biblical times, now a healthy alternative for snacking.

Honey: From the Promised Land to our pancakes, honey endures as a sweetener and skincare ally, long before sugar took the stage.

Lentils: Once traded for a birthright, now unsung heroes of vegan dishes and protein-packed diets, proving lentils' lasting significance.

Grapes And Wine: From ancient ceremonies to today's morning juices and wine tastings, grapes remain juicy delights with timeless appeal.

Barley: Ancient grain's resurgence in health bowls and salads echoes its historical presence in diverse dishes, riding the 'ancient grain' trend.