7 Healthy Foods That Are Incredibly Cheap

Broccoli: Packed with vitamin C, K, and folate, this budget-friendly veggie may fight cancer and heart disease. Enjoy it raw, cooked, or steamed!

Onions: Rich in antioxidants, onions combat inflammation and add flavor to any dish for just $1.05 per pound!

Spinach: This powerhouse provides vitamin K, A, C, and folate, promoting bone health and immunity. Add it to smoothies, salads, or soups!

Russet Potatoes: Don't underestimate these spuds! They're loaded with vitamins, fiber, and potassium, all for around $.60 per pound. Bake, boil, or mash them to your heart's content.

Sweet Potatoes: A steal at $1.05 per pound, sweet potatoes are brimming with beta-carotene (vitamin A), B vitamins, fiber, and potassium. Enjoy them roasted, steamed, or mashed.

Canned Tomatoes: This pantry staple provides vitamin C, lycopene, and other nutrients for just $0.91 a pound. Toss them into soups, stews, or casseroles for a health boost.

Carrots: A budget champion at $0.77 per pound, carrots are rich in vitamin A, fiber, and antioxidants. They may reduce inflammation and support eye and immune health. Enjoy them raw, cooked, or juiced!