7 Heatless Hairstyles to Save Damaged Hair

Beach Waves with Paper Towels: Embrace natural texture with this celeb-approved trick using paper towels for effortless, heatless waves.

Crimpy Waves with Mini Braids: Double duty! Achieve both tiny braids and crimpy waves by braiding damp hair, letting it set, then tousling for texture.

Finger Waves for Vintage Glamour: Channel old-Hollywood vibes with finger waves created using mousse, a rattail comb, and some patience.

Windblown Waves with Topknots: Create tousled, "I-woke-up-like-this" waves by twisting hair into a topknot on damp hair, letting it dry, then shaking it out.

Slicked-Back Wet Look (Even for Short Hair): Ditch the crunch! Achieve a sleek, wet look with just a touch of conditioner for shine and hold.

Jaw Clip Chic: Accessorize your look with trendy jaw clips for a quick and stylish update, inspired by the 90s revival.

Timeless Chignon: Simple and elegant, the low chignon is perfect for any occasion. Gather hair, slick it back, and secure in a ponytail, wrapping a braid around the base for a polished touch.