7 Signs Of Snakes Around The House

Snake Skin: Snakes shed their skin as they grow, so finding snake skins around your property can be a clear sign of their presence.

Snake Tracks: Depending on the surface, you might notice wavy lines or tracks left by a snake as it slithers across the ground.

Slither Marks: In dusty or sandy areas, you might see distinctive trails left by a snake's body.

Snake Droppings: Snake feces are usually long and tubular. Sometimes, you can see traces of bone or hair from the animals they've consumed.

Sighting of Snakes: Obvious as it may sound, seeing snakes frequently around your property is a sure sign that they are present.

Unusual Behavior from Pets: Cats and dogs may act strangely or show interest in a particular spot if they sense a snake. Keep an eye on your pet's behavior for any such signs.

Presence of Snake Prey: An abundance of rodents or other small animals around your house can attract snakes.

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