7 Sweet And Savory Carrot Recipes

Honey-Glazed Carrots: Elevate sliced carrots with a honey-butter blend, caramelized to perfection. Pair with roast chicken for a timeless, comforting meal.

Roasted Rainbow Carrots With Ginger And Orange: Impress with visually stunning rainbow carrots tossed in ginger, orange, and spices. A flavorful dish that's as vibrant as it is delicious.

Copper Penny Carrots: Revive retro charm with copper penny carrots—sliced discs infused with tomato soup, creating a sweet and savory delight for any meal.

Roasted Carrots Over Lentil Hummus And Lemon Yogurt:Blend earthy roasted carrots with red lentil hummus, lemon garlic yogurt, and vibrant toppings. A vegetarian masterpiece of contrasting flavors.

Roasted Carrot And Parsnip Soup: Confuse shape but not flavor with roasted carrot and parsnip soup. A velvety blend, garnished with pan-fried peels for a crunchy twist.

Carrot Ginger Soup: Add flair to carrot soup with zesty ginger. Roast carrots and onions, then simmer with stock for a vibrant, textured, or creamy finish.

Easy Carrot Slaw: Let carrots shine in this simple coleslaw. Grated with cabbage and red onion, coated in a tangy-sweet dressing for a crisp and delightful side.