7 Tips to Get Rid of Snakes

Eliminate potential food sources, such as rodents, insects, or bird feeders, as they can attract snakes.

Remove food sources

Maintain a well-manicured yard, trim tall grass, and remove debris or clutter that can provide hiding spots for snakes.

Keep your yard tidy

Seal any gaps or cracks in your home's foundation, walls, or doors to prevent snakes from entering indoors.

Seal entry points

Clear away piles of rocks, logs, or woodpiles where snakes can seek shelter.

Remove hiding places

Use snake-proof fencing, such as mesh wire with small gaps, to create a barrier around your property and prevent snake entry.

Install fencing

Eliminate standing water or fix any leaks to discourage snakes from seeking hydration near your home.

Limit water sources

If you have a persistent snake problem or encounter venomous snakes, it's best to contact a professional wildlife removal service to handle the situation safely and effectively.

Seek professional assistance

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