7 Types of Owls in Alabama (From Most Common to Rarest)

Barred Owl: A common sight and sound in Alabama's forests, easily identified by their barred chest and adaptability to various habitats.

Eastern Screech Owl: These small, yellow-eyed owls come in three morphs (rufous, gray, and intermediate) and readily adapt to suburban and urban areas with suitable nesting trees.

Great Horned Owl: One of the largest owls in North America, easily recognized by its ear tufts and yellow eyes. Prefers wooded areas for nesting and roosting, with open areas for hunting.

Barn Owl: Widespread across Alabama, these heart-faced owls are most commonly found in agricultural lands and open areas.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl: Tiny and migratory, these owls prefer dense evergreen thickets in Alabama's Inland Coastal Plain and Tennessee Valley regions.

Short-Eared Owl: Diurnal and medium-sized, these owls favor open terrain and can be spotted during the day in the Gulf Coast region.

Long-Eared Owl: Uncommon visitors to Alabama, these owls are mainly seen in winter and prefer conifer groves with access to open areas.

Burrowing Owl: Small and unusual for their colony-nesting behavior, these owls are occasional visitors to Alabama's Gulf Coast region, spotted in open country and on beaches.