8 Beautiful Types of Collie Dog Breeds

Rough Collie                                     With a distinctive double coat, rough collies boast a coarse topcoat over a smooth undercoat, requiring regular grooming to prevent mats and discomfort. This breed's shedding season demands extra attention.

Smooth Collie Characterized by a shorter, softer fur compared to their rough counterparts, smooth collies share identical traits apart from coat texture. While their shorter fur reduces matting.

Border Collie Slightly smaller than standard collies, border collies exhibit high activity levels and thrive on daily exercise and mental stimulation. Both rough and smooth coat varieties require regular brushing to prevent mats, with extra attention during shedding seasons.

Bearded Collie Known for their charismatic demeanor and distinctive shaggy coat, bearded collies require daily brushing to prevent matting and debris buildup. Their energetic nature demands regular exercise.

Shetland Sheepdog Miniature counterparts to standard collies, Shetland sheepdogs possess a more energetic disposition and require regular exercise and mental stimulation. While smaller in size, they exhibit protective instincts.

Old English Sheepdog Affectionate and family-loving, old English sheepdogs boast a shaggy, bi-colored fur that demands regular grooming to prevent tangling. With moderate energy levels, they thrive on daily exercise.

Koolie Originating from Australia, Koolies are bred for their working abilities and exhibit traits similar to collies and other sheepdogs. While not recognized by major kennel clubs, they require mental and physical stimulation.

Welsh Sheepdog Descendants of traditional Welsh sheepdogs, Welsh sheepdogs excel in working roles and require ample physical and mental activity to prevent boredom. Their varied appearances reflect their working heritage.