8 Box Office Flops Not Worth Your Time or Money

Expend4bles: Explosive action franchise misfires; "The Expendables" sequel falls short, earning $51M of its $100M budget. Possible end to the series.

Freelance (2023): Allison Brie and John Cena's "Freelance" bombs, scoring 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. Early release nets only $8.8M globally, a major disappointment.

Haunted Mansion: Disney's "Haunted Mansion" misses the mark, releasing in July, clashing with major films. Earns $117M against a $150M budget.

Hypnotic: Ben Affleck's "Hypnotic" struggles; plagued by pandemic delays, it opens poorly with just $2.4M, a fraction of its $65M budget.

Renfield: Nicholas Cage's "Renfield" fails to soar; praised performance can't save it, earning only $26M against a $65M budget.

Wish: Disney's animated "Wish" disappoints theatrically, grossing $106M against a $200M budget. Hopes for streaming success.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny: Indiana Jones' latest adventure sees mixed results; makes $350M but pales against its predecessor's $800M. Franchise fatigue?

The Marvels: Surprise stumble for the Marvel Cinematic Universe; "The Marvels" struggles to recoup its $220M budget after "Captain Marvel's" billion-dollar success.