1. Burger patties

Grass-fed AngusPure Special Reserve beef from Broadleaf Farms in New Zealand makes for lean and tender cookout burgers with its unique environment and 21-day wet-aging process.

2. Hot Italian sausage

Pederson's Natural Farms offers preservative-free, vegetarian-fed spicy sausages made with humanely raised meat, ideal with grilled veggies.

3. St. Louis Spareribs

Meaty, flavorful spareribs are a must for your Memorial Day smoker session impress guests with a spicy dry rub or sweet-and-savory glaze.

4. Beef hot dogs

Crowd Cow's pasture-raised beef hot dogs are a must-have for Memorial Day, with vitamins, rich flavor, and perfect topping compatibility.

5. New York strip steak

Pasture-raised and highly reviewed, this tender, nutrient-dense cut with butter-like texture and stunning marbling is a standout choice for special occasions.

6. Wild Blue Mexican shrimp burgers

Perfect for pescatarians, these sustainable shrimp burgers made from 100% wild-caught Blue Mexican Shrimp are highly rated for their flavor, texture, and easy grilling preparation.

7. Grill Master Box

The Crowd Cow Grill Master Box offers a variety of essentials—steaks, chicken thighs, hot dogs, ground beef, and steelhead trout filets—all you need is your favorite seasoning.

8. Memorial Day Grilling Bundle

The premium holiday bundle features Wagyu burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, salmon, spareribs, lobster mac and cheese, cheesy biscuits, and two free ribeyes, offering convenience, savings, and high-quality cuts.

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