8 Dog Food Brands to Avoid

IAMS - Established in 1946, this pet food company made dry dog food with protein after the Great Depression, helping dog owners affordably feed their pets.

Purina - This company started in 1894, making food for farm animals. But later, it also began making food for pets like dogs and cats.

Alpo - Alpo wanted to make nutritious dog food that's easy on tummies. But owners found it upsetting for their pups' stomachs.

Kal Kan - This company started in 1936. People aren't happy with this dog food brand, some are even angry.

Cesar - This dog food got a new look, but it still has low-quality ingredients. Check it out; they're using cheap fillers that aren't good for your dog.

Kibbles 'n Bits - Kibbles n' Bits, started in 1981, got a bad name after people found out it had a drug used for putting animals to sleep in it.

Great Choice - Great Choice dog food sounds promising, but it falls short of expectations.

Gravy Train - Pups prefer tasty meat over euthanasia drugs. This dog food brand got recalled too.