8 Easy Updos You Can Recreate in 10 Minutes or Less

The Audrey - Get Zoë Kravitz's hairstyle: Start with a blowout, add wax for shine, brush hair back, make a ponytail, split it, twist into buns, secure with pins.

Rope-Braided Buns - Get Vanessa Hudgens' stylish rope-braided buns easily! Part hair, make ponytails, twist into rope braids, secure with pins, and style edges for a glam look. Finish with shine spray.

Fishtail Bun - Create Issa Rae's look: Tie a high ponytail, fishtail braid two sections, secure with elastics. Twist remaining hair into a bun, wrap fishtails around it, pin in place. Easy fab style!

Bangin' Bun - Check out Taylor Swift's easy and natural updo from the '23 Grammys. Use your fingers, not a brush, and keep it loose for a messy bun on top. Use texture spray for a cool, undone look!

Ballerina Bun - Tie your hair in a neat bun, like a ballerina, and make it pop with a cute bow or clip. Get a smooth blowout, part in the center, use shine serum, tie a low pony, twist into a bun, and pin it up. Easy and chic!

Elegant Updo - Danai Gurira from The Walking Dead looks super classy with her fancy updo. To get it, use pomade and make a headband braid starting from one ear, going over your head, and ending at the other ear.

Tousled Curls - Ashley Graham's cool hairstyle: curly bun with a front bang. Use a 1-inch curling iron, pin back hair, leave front bang, and secure messy bun with bobby pins. Easy and fun!

Bantu Knots - Get curly hair like Yara Shahidi with Bantu knots! Apply styling cream, make triangular parts, twist hair into tight coils, and secure with bobby pins. Easy!