8 favorite Super Bowl snacks

Buffalo wings - We love wings, especially medium or hot Buffalo with blue cheese dip, but we're open to BBQ, garlic-parmesan, Thai chili, or any other flavor. Crispy is a must!

Crudité - We need sliced veggies at our Super Bowl party, perfect for dipping in ranch, hummus, or French onion dip. They're like special teams for our diet!

Deviled eggs - For a protein-packed snack, try making deviled eggs! They're easy to make, and perfect for game day. Check out Food Network for a recipe.

Egg rolls - Egg rolls are perfect for game day snacks! Try classic pork ones or mix it up with chicken, breakfast, or BBQ pork varieties.

Fried pickles - We've always loved pickles. But when we tried fried pickles, it was mind-blowing! Now, we can't resist them, especially during game time!

Fries - We love all kinds of fries! Ketchup's our favorite, but we also enjoy Samurai sauce or cheesy gravy.

Guacamole - Guac makes food better! It's healthy, with good fats and antioxidants. Easy to make, cheap to buy. Worth it for nachos, tacos, burritos!

Jalapeno poppers - Jalapeno poppers: Spicy jalapeno meets creamy cheese, deep-fried to perfection. Perfect for the Super Bowl. Dip in blue cheese, ranch, or sour cream-lime sauce!