8 Lakes In New York That Completely Freeze Over in the Winter

Irondequoit Bay: Located in Rochester, New York, it is one of the shallower lakes in the state, prone to freezing over completely in winter.

Hemlock Lake: A Finger Lake south of Rochester, known for completely freezing over in winter, offering opportunities for ice-related activities.

Canadice Lake: Another Finger Lake with a short length and maximum depth of 95 feet, making it susceptible to complete freezing during winter.

Cross Lake: Situated west of Syracuse, New York, it is shallower than Irondequoit Bay, making it prone to freezing over, especially in the winter.

Onondaga Lake: Located in Central New York, it typically freezes over completely each winter despite its average depth of 35 feet.

Otisco Lake: West of Syracuse, it is known for completely freezing over during the colder months, usually in January and February.

Green Lake: Located in Green Lakes State Park near Syracuse, it is unique as a meromictic lake and freezes over entirely during the winter.

Conesus Lake: The final member of the Finger Lakes, it is south of Rochester and prone to complete freezing in winter due to its short length and shallow depth.