8 luxury looks that are now in style

Oversize Shoulders Trend: Jacquemus showcases tops, blazers, and jackets with bold shoulders and sleeves for a fashionable statement.

Quiet-Luxury Neutrals: Jacquemus embraces monochrome elegance with models donning neutral shades, balancing oversized pieces with structured elements.

2024's Ultimate Pop: Red: Vibrant red takes center stage in Jacquemus's collection, gracing leather purses, minidresses, and menswear outfits.

Millennial Staples Redux: Crop tops and high-waisted bottoms make a chic comeback on the Jacquemus runway, elevating the 2010s staples with sophistication.

Twisted Elegance in Gowns: Jacquemus transforms gowns with sculptural influences, adding unique elements like extra fabric for structure and shape.

Revamped Winter Coats: Jacquemus reinvents traditional jackets, as seen in Gigi Hadid's beige coat with wide sleeves and a corset-shaped bodice.

Thong Sandals Trend: Thong sandals take the spotlight in colder weather, challenging norms with black leather styles paired with red socks and boots.

Feathers, but Sparse: The feathered look gets an update with Jacquemus featuring classic pieces adorned with sparse, frilly feathers.