8 Steps to Groom Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Thorough Bath for Fido: Wash your King Charles Spaniel twice with quality shampoo, add conditioner, and rinse for a clean and moisturized coat.

Wet Brushing: Gently untangle hair with a slicker brush after a thorough bath to prepare for the grooming process.

The Blowout: Use a blow dryer to dry the hair for a smooth finish, avoiding wavy or frizzy results from air-drying.

Thin Out the Legs: Trim back leg hair with thinning shears, cutting small bits at a time for precision without removing too much.

Trim the "Undercarriage": Angle trimming shears to follow the hair's natural growth pattern, preventing matting in sensitive areas.

Sanctuary Cut: Clip the groin and hind area to prevent matting and ensure cleanliness, using straight scissors with precision.

Trimming the Ears: Mist your pet's ears, comb them out, and carefully trim with straight scissors to maintain even length.

Using a Stripping Stone: Remove old, dull coat from the head using a stripping stone, ensuring a shiny, soft coat after grooming.