8 stupid movies that are actually genius

M3gan' (2023): Move over Chucky; meet Megan, the modern killer doll. With a robot arm and a voice, she's more than just sharp knives and blonde hair.

'Hot Rod' (2007): Silly and corny, yet a sleeper hit. Andy Samberg's wannabe stuntman brings SNL humor with "cool beans" songs and wild bike stunts.

'Road House' (1989): Patrick Swayze's iconic '80s blockbuster. A roadhouse, blues band, and dance floor fights make it a classic action-packed hit.

'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' (2002): Silly, heartwarming romance. Two lovers navigate Greek-American differences for a happily ever after. A feel-good classic.

'The Mummy' (1999): Indiana Jones meets Lawrence of Arabia. Adventure with a mix of dumb moments. Embraces flaws for a fun, old-fashioned ride.

'The Holiday' (2006): Cozy Christmas swap. Charming characters, picturesque locations, and heartwarming storytelling. A 21st-century favorite.

'The Lost Boys' (1987): Cool, funny, and scary vampire flick. Characters you care about and vamps that bite. A Santa Carla story with real bite.

'Con Air' (1997): Dumb yet thrilling. Criminals on a plane with no armed guards? Nic Cage fights back in this high-flying action with a questionable plot.