8 Things That Could Be Turning Your Nails Yellow


Nail Fungal Infection

 Fungal infections, such as onychomycosis, can cause the nails to turn yellow. Fungal growth thrives in warm and moist environments.


Nail Psoriasis

Psoriasis, a chronic autoimmune condition, can affect the nails and lead to yellow discoloration. It causes abnormal cell turnover in the nail matrix



Smoking cigarettes can stain the nails and cause them to appear yellow over time. The nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco can discolor the nails.


Nail Polish Stains

Dark-colored nail polishes, especially if used without a protective base coat, can stain the nails and leave them yellowed.


Certain Medications

 Some medications can have side effects that affect the appearance of nails. Antibiotics, antimalarials, or antifungal drugs.


Yellow Nail Syndrome

Yellow nail syndrome is a rare condition characterized by slow nail growth, yellowing of the nails, and thickening.


Nutritional Deficiencies

A deficiency in certain vitamins or minerals, such as biotin or zinc, can affect the health of the nails and cause them to turn yellow.


Nail Polish Remover

Frequent use of nail polish remover, especially those containing acetone, can dry out the nails and lead to discoloration, including yellowing.