8 Top-Notch Electric Cars You Can Trust

Tesla Model S: Electric Pioneer with Reliability Challenges: Despite innovation, concerns about reliability persist, particularly with air suspension. Owners report various issues, recalls, and an average annual maintenance cost of $1,047.

Hyundai Kona Electric: Struggles Amid Reliability Woes: Despite its affordable EV status, Kona faces fire and charging system issues, prompting recalls. Ten-year maintenance costs project at $7,871.

Volkswagen ID.4: EV Reliability with Infotainment Quirks: Strong drivetrain and safety ratings, yet infotainment issues. Recalls impact reliability (score: 32). Average annual maintenance cost: $676.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Reliability Woes: Once a reliable EV, the Mach-E's score drops from 82 to 35 due to reported issues, recalls for software updates, and various malfunctions.

Tesla Model Y: Reliability Concerns: Despite Model 3 roots, Model Y's reliability dips to 38. Owner-reported issues and six recalls raise concerns over repair costs, contrasting gas counterparts.

Genesis GV60: Debut Electric Model: Praised by Consumer Reports for luxury, performance, and smooth acceleration. Limited feedback; recalls hint at refinement areas.

BMW i4: Electrified Elegance: The i4, a sleek transformation of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, combines luxury, tech, and emission-free driving. Consumer Reports predicts a 3/5 reliability rating based on past models.

Toyota bZ4X: Affordable EV: Developed with Subaru, this EV offers single or dual motor options for an enjoyable drive. Limited feedback with a minor recall for loose lug nuts.