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8 Websites to Help Strengthen Your Relationships

Discover love languages, build relationships. Website provides quizzes, resources & tools for self-awareness.

5 Love Languages

Fun website to test friends & family. Create quiz questions about yourself, share & compare results.


Online therapy for couples, expert advice & tools. Marriage quizzes, courses, videos, search portal for therapists.


Affordable & accessible therapy. Find couples or individual therapists. Complete questionnaire & invite partner.


Have fun with friends. Send friendship dare quiz consisting of 20 questions to spark conversations.

Buddy Dare

Personal coach for relationship obstacles. Offers master classes to tackle emotional issues. No therapy provided.

Relationship Hero

Website to help long-distance relationships succeed. Relationship advice, gift ideas & tips from experienced couple.

Lasting The Distance

A free chat with compassionate listeners worldwide, to receive non-judgmental advice on relationship problems.

7 Cups