8 Best House Dog Breeds


Tiny lap dogs with charming personalities, low exercise needs, minimal shedding, and low-maintenance grooming, making them great companions for indoor living.


Rough collies make excellent family dogs with their good house manners, devotion to their family, and close relationship with children, although they require regular activity and grooming due to their shedding coat.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers: Active, friendly house dogs ideal for active families with space, great for socializing and families with children.


Chihuahuas, ideal for smaller spaces, require socialization to prevent possessiveness and aggression, and their health can be managed by choosing larger-sized individuals, making them suitable for apartment living.

CollCoton de Tulear

Sturdy, healthy toy breed with a fluffy white coat, ideal for smaller spaces, moderate grooming and exercise needs, affectionate and bonded with families, potential for separation anxiety if not crate-trained early.


Dachshunds, originally hunting dogs, make bold and tenacious companions despite their small size, but caution should be exercised regarding extremely miniature legs to prevent potential back problems.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers: Small, sturdy, low-shedding house dogs with a high prey drive, long lifespan, and easy to train, suitable for apartment living.


Fast runners with low stamina, they make gentle, social, and laidback companions, but require supervision around small children due to their thin skin and potential for minor physical injuries.

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