9 Cute Easter Treats to Try This Spring

Marshmallow Easter Eggs - I've been making yummy marshmallow Easter eggs for years. Marshmallow fans really love them! - Betty Claycomb from Alverton, PA.

Easter Sugar Cookies - Cream cheese adds richness to Easter sugar cookies. They taste great even without frosting—try colored sugar instead!

Rhubarb Tart with Shortbread Crust - Check out this awesome Easter treat! It's super creamy, has a lovely color, and the buttery crust makes it extra delicious.

Bunny Tails - My granddaughters and I thought up a cool and simple Easter idea!

Bird's Nest Treats - I whip up this bird nest treat in spring when the birds are nesting. Super easy and gone in a flash!

Hippity Hop Bunny Cake - Get ready for a joy-filled Easter with this yummy cake! Bake it early, then add decorations right before your party.

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies - I bake soft Easter cookies for my fam and neighbors each spring. They stay yummy for a week and look cute in pink frosting with lacy designs.

Lime Divine Tarts - Celebrate spring with citrus at your holiday party! Make these adorable Easter treats that are both impressive and easy to create.

Easter Bunny Treats - We love creating adorable Easter treats as a family. They're super cute and so much fun!