9 Things Your Dog Wants To Tell You

Tail wagging isn't always a sign of happiness. It can also indicate fear, insecurity, or a social challenge.

Physical exercise is vital for my well-being. It keeps me fit and mentally stimulated.

I need consistency in my life. Stable rules and routines make me feel secure and help me understand expectations.

If I'm behaving unusually, I could be stressed or anxious. Try to identify and minimize my stressors.

Training is important to me. It helps me learn how to behave and strengthens our bond.

Eating grass isn't necessarily a bad habit. Sometimes I do it to soothe an upset stomach.

I value companionship. Spending time with you prevents loneliness and makes me happy.

If I show aggression, it might be because I'm scared or uncomfortable. Please ensure I'm in a safe and secure environment.

Remember that I age faster than humans. Patience and understanding as I grow older is greatly appreciated.

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