Best Medium Hairstyles: 2023 Trends

 Layered Bangs 


Layered bangs frame your face good. Create a beachy style by pairing them with wavy medium-length hair.

Short Layers


 A medium-length cut with short layers will give flat hair volume and body. Short layers tend to flick out, giving this cut a '70s vibe.

Straight Hair


Medium-length straight hair is versatile. Smooth and glossy blowouts are professional and polished, low-maintenance and casual.

Textured Bob 


Bob hairstyles can be worn in a variety of ways. they look great on wavy hair and even better on straight strands.

Wavy Hair


Medium-length is great for wavy hair. It's manageable but long enough to show off your locks' mobility.

 Wispy Bangs


Thin or 'piece-y' bangs are wispy, they provide a lighter, softer, and more relaxed effect. Wispy bangs suit fine and thin hair types.

Curly Hair


Using curl-defining products and moisturising treatments helps save style time and look beautiful.

French Braids


French braids look lovely on medium-length hair. You simply need three parts of hair and can braid from your hairline.

Blunt Bangs


Blunt, or thick, bangs suit medium-length hair. The blunt bangs-medium length combination is a favourite of French models and influencers.

Asymmetric Cut 


These imbalanced haircuts draw attention. Asymmetric cuts have varying side lengths or front and back lengths.