Best Snacks to Pair with Whiskey

Salted crackers

Crackers with salt enable whisky drinkers to cleanse their palates (especially helpful if you are doing a whisky tasting). Any simple cracker is a great snack that won't obscure the flavour and originality of the spirit because its texture contrasts sharply with the smoothness of the whisky.

Dark chocolate

Whiskey and chocolate pair well together. Instead of milk chocolate, which is sweeter, choose darker chocolate if you're sipping high-quality, powerful whisky. To enhance the flavour of the scotch, try a small amount of orange-flavored chocolate.

Mild cheese

While gorgonzola and other strong-flavored cheeses go well together, if you want to concentrate on the whisky, stay away from them. If you want to fully appreciate the flavours of your whisky, soft cheeses like brie or goat cheese may be a better choice.

Whiskey & Food Pairings 

Your menu should compliment the flavours of the whisky you are drinking if you want to serve food and whisky without having one or the other be the headliner. Several dishes go well with whisky, but here are some of our favourites:

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Fruits and nuts make for a delicious snack. But, be cautious about the varieties of nuts you serve. Walnuts and Brazil nuts, which are more bitter, pair nicely with sweeter whiskies. Although nut pairings with peaty, powerful whisky favour sweeter nuts like pecans or pistachios

Grilled Steaks

Steak on the barbecue is always a safe choice when serving dinner and whisky. Whiskey pairs nicely with beef because of its robust, bold flavour, and grilling meat brings out its smokey flavour.

Smoked Salmon

It might be best to concentrate on the smoked salmon if you're serving bourbon or rye whisky. Bourbon tastes delicious when combined with smoked salmon because it imparts a fruity, peppery flavour.