Black Hair with Highlights: Spice Up Your Look

Caramel Highlights


Caramel highlights warm black hair. Dark hair looks great with these gentle, golden tones.

Burgundy Highlights


Add burgundy highlights to black hair for a lively effect. Deep crimson tones offer contrast and richness to your hairdo.

Honey blonde


Honey blonde highlights may brighten and warm black hair. These golden tones make your hair seem vibrant and sun-kissed.

Copper Highlights


Copper highlights can make black hair fiery and striking. Intense reddish-orange tones give a striking effect.

Ash Blonde Highlights


Ash blonde highlights modernize black hair. These cool-toned accents offer elegance.

Platinum Blonde Highlights


Platinum blonde highlights may make black hair stand out. The stark, frosty tones draw attention.

Subtle Balayag


For a natural, blended appearance, use subtle balayage. Hand-painting highlights into particular portions of your hair creates a smooth, sun-kissed look that complements black hair.