Braided Hairstyles 2023: The Best Looks to Try


Braided Bob

Summertime braided bobs are great since short braids are shorter. Short braids don't damage natural hair because they're lighter.


Box Braid 

Box braids protect natural hair as it grows out. You can choose the length, colour, and thickness of synthetic hair braids.


Box Braid Side

Side-swept box braids are a cool summer hairdo. Braided hairstyles provide texture and height to this look.


Braided Bun

Braided buns are a simple and elegant nighttime hairstyle. Need more glam? Personalize your look with hair cuffs or hair jewellery.


Braided Ombre 

This braided ombre uses pre-colored extensions to get the trending dramatic colour. Standard braid styles are fashionable with colour.


Braided Part Cornrows 

Cornrows are a classic appearance for black ladies and make great box braids. Box braids attach to cornrows easily.


Multi-Tonal Box 

Multi-tonal box braids can give a balayage-like effect. Copper box braids blend with natural braids.


Crochet Braided 

A crochet braided bob doesn’t actually look braided when you see it. Crochet braids are made from synthetic hair.


Double Cornrows

Cornrows are sometimes called boxer braids  Cute and fashionable, they make a perfect base for box braids.


Feed In Braids Half Up 

Instead of adding extensions at the end of cornrows, feed-in braids are braided into natural hair braids strand by strand for a more seamless transition.