China Denies Spy Base Report, White House Says No Evidence


China has denied reports that it is building a spy base on Cuba. The Chinese government called the reports "groundless" and said that there is no truth to them.


The White House has also said that it has no evidence to support the reports. A spokesperson for the White House said that the administration is "aware of the reports" but that "there is no evidence to corroborate them."


A Chinese espionage outpost on Cuba has prompted fears about China's expanding military footprint in the Caribbean. The claims of a spy post on Cuba suggest that China is aiming to extend its strategic reach in the Americas.


The revelations damaged US-Cuba ties. Since decades, ties between the US and Cuba have improved. A Chinese espionage station in Cuba may hinder such attempts.


Chinese espionage bases in Cuba are unconfirmed. The Chinese government denies the accusations, the White House says there is no proof, and there is no independent confirmation.


More information may emerge as the reports progress. If accurate, the claims would have major repercussions.


Note that reports are reports. They are unsupported and refuted by the Chinese government. Take reports with a grain of salt until more is known.