Choose your heels based on your astrological sign. 

The Ideal Pair Of Heels Depending On Your Zodiac Sign To Bring Off Your Hottest Side.

It's a chic pair of sandals for a Libra, earth-tone stilettos for a Virgo, and a seductive crimson heel for an Arian. See which shoe fits you best by reading on.


.Aries female enjoys being in charge and in a position of dominance. She can wear a seductive red pump when going out to a party or she can trade in her stilettos for a well-fitting shoe 


.Taurus woman appreciates all things attractive and maintains an eye on both recent and historical trends. Earthy colors like beige or brown make her feel most at home, and leather stilettos.. 



Gemini enjoys socializing, and her selection in clothing and accessories reflects her gregarious, flirtatious side. She likes eye-catching shoes with high heels or other bright, warm colors.


For Cancerians, who adore the rough yet chic look, Cancer Boots speak for themselves. She must wear black knee-high boots.


Leos are drawn to opulence and everything that makes them stand out from the crowd. They are attention-seekers, therefore a golden color suits them. They prefer golden heels than boring black ones.


Similar to the Taurus, she will be drawn to earthy-toned stilettos. 


The Libra constantly strives to create a balance between comfort and style. They prefer the colors of black and blue, therefore a stylish pair of sandals that allows them to stand tall.


By nature passionate, the Scorpio chooses brightly colored high heels to reflect her innate characteristics.


Sagittarius adores footwear; plum or blue heels look finest on them. 


Capricorn is very organized, career-focused, and conducts herself in a businesslike manner. They want a basic black pump made of sturdy leather. 


They prefer to make a fashion statement rather than imitate everyone else. Stiletto heels in silver or white would look finest on them.


This sign's ideal partner is a blue satin stiletto because they are torn between what is realistic and what they want.