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Delicious Examples of Sushi Art

Makizushi offers creative visuals. Roll each art component in the right part of the cylinder for uniformity.


A grad student made an imperial warship from rice, nori, and seafood. It's part of an 11-ship series.


offered at the Kurisakiya restaurant in Oarai, Japan. It was created in honor of Japanese anime Girls und Panzer, which is set in the same town.


rice balls into various Star Wars characters with the addition of smoked salmon, nori, basil leaves, and other foods

Star Wars Characters

Tokyo sushi chef Tama-chan takes sushi art to a whole new level. His creations are so in demand that he run classes in sushi art.


made with marshmallow peeps. And it does contain rice -in the form of Rice Krispies marshmallow treats! The instructions for making them are at Serious Eats.

Peeps Sushi

Craftster member eggyolk creates mini-cupcake Bento boxes that resemble sushi. White sprinkles mimic rice and chopsticks with gummy fish complete the look.

Sushi Cupcakes

Waffle Breakfast Sushi resembles makizushi only in its rolled and cut shape. Made of waffle, fruit, and cream cheese, it's a delicious twist on sushi.

Waffle Sushi