Discover the Complete List of 7 Animals With Fangs

Hippopotamus: Hippos, herbivores with giant fangs, use them as weapons in intense territorial fights, despite their primary diet of grasses in Africa.

King Cobra:King Cobras, the world's longest venomous snakes, wield small backward-angled fangs to inject venom and aid in prey digestion.

Baboon: Baboons, robust omnivorous monkeys, showcase fangs for both swift hunting of small animals and asserting dominance among their peers.

Sharks: Sharks, formidable predators of the sea, boast sharp fangs crucial for offense and defense while hunting various prey like seals and fish.

Tigers: Tigers, Asia's largest cats, utilize powerful fangs to tear prey and defend themselves, contributing to their status as formidable carnivores.

Jaguars: Jaguars, robust felines residing in the Americas, employ their big teeth, including fangs, for hunting deer, capybara, and tapir.

Leopards: Leopards, agile big cats in Africa and Asia, rely on fangs for capturing and consuming prey, showcasing their vital role in their tree-dwelling lifestyle.