Discover the Complete List of 8 Animals With Fangs

Hippopotamus - Hippos are huge mammals with big teeth. Despite looking scary, they eat plants, not animals. They use their teeth to fight other hippos.

King cobra - Some snakes have fangs. King Cobras have small fangs that carry venom. Their fangs are small to fit in their mouths. The fangs help them catch prey.

Baboon - Some monkeys, like baboons, have big teeth called fangs. Baboons eat fruits and bugs but can also use their fangs to catch small animals and show they're boss.

Sharks - Sharks have sharp teeth to catch prey like sea lions, seals, and fish. Their teeth are great for attacking and defending.

Tigers - Tigers, big cats from Asia, have strong fangs for hunting and protection. They eat deer, cattle, and boar. Tigers are the biggest cats!

Jaguars - Jaguars, like tigers, are large cats with big teeth! They live in Central and South America, eat meat like deer, capybara, and tapir, and use their fangs for hunting and defense.

Leopards - Leopards are big cats from Africa and Asia. They eat deer and other animals. They have sharp teeth to catch their food, even when they're in trees.

Lions - Lions are big cats that eat large animals like antelope and zebra. Their sharp teeth help them hunt and male lions fight each other using their teeth.