How to keep your phones, laptops from overheating

Ensure Proper Ventilation


Place your device on a hard, flat surface or use a laptop cooling pad/stand for improved airflow, avoiding soft surfaces like beds or couches.

Keep the Environment Cool


Keep your device away from direct sunlight or hot environments, and use air conditioning or fans to maintain a cooler room temperature.

Clean Dust and Debris


Regularly clean the vents and fans of your laptop or phone using compressed air or a soft brush to remove dust and debris buildup.

Don't Block Ventilation


Prevent covering the ventilation areas of your laptop or phone with hands, pillows, or any objects.

Reduce Intensive Tasks


Minimize running resource-intensive tasks and close unnecessary applications to reduce heat generation and relieve the device's load.

Update Software


Keep your device's OS and applications up to date for bug fixes and performance improvements from manufacturers.

Limit Multitasking


Minimize device workload and heat generation by closing unused applications and tabs.

Use Power Saving Options


Activate power-saving modes or features on your device to reduce power consumption and heat generation.

Avoid Overcharging


Prevent excessive heat from overcharging by unplugging your device once it reaches full charge.

Check Background Processes


Monitor and manage resource-intensive background processes and applications using task manager.

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