How To Propagate Snake Plant in Water

Prepare Your Materials: You will need a clean knife or scissors, a snake plant, and a jar or vase filled with clean water.

Cut a Leaf: Cut a healthy leaf from the snake plant near its base. Make sure the cut is clean to prevent damaging the plant.

Slice the Leaf: If the leaf is large, you can cut it into sections of about 2-3 inches long. Ensure each section has a bottom and a top.

Let it Dry: Allow the cut ends of the sections to dry out for a day or two. This helps to prevent the cut ends from rotting when submerged in water.

Submerge in Water: Place the dried sections in a container with water, making sure to submerge only the bottom ends.

Change the Water: Change the water in the container every few days to keep it fresh and prevent bacteria growth.

Wait for Roots: In a few weeks, you should see roots starting to grow from the bottom ends of the cuttings. Once the roots are a few inches long, the cuttings are ready to be planted in soil.

Plant in Soil: Plant the rooted cuttings in a well-draining potting mix, and care for it as you would any snake plant.

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