How to Safeguard Your Balcony Garden from Heat Stress


Install a sunshade or umbrella to protect your plants from harsh midday sun. You can also use taller plants or structures to create natural shade for delicate plants.

Watering Schedule

Water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent water loss due to evaporation.


Mulch your plants to help retain soil moisture and maintain more stable soil temperatures. 

Choose Heat-Tolerant Plants

Opt for plant species that are known for their heat tolerance. Many succulents, native plants, and Mediterranean herbs.

Use Appropriate Containers

Light-colored containers reflect heat and can keep plant roots cooler than dark ones. Also, larger containers will heat up more slowly than smaller ones.

Regular Feeding

Plants under stress need more nutrients. Use a good-quality, slow-release fertilizer to nourish your plants and improve their resilience.

Monitor Plant Health

Keep an eye on your plants for signs of heat stress, such as wilting or brown leaves.

Protect Against Pests and Diseases

Regular inspection, proper spacing, and use of natural pesticides can help keep your balcony garden healthy.

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