How to Walk Two Dogs on Leashes

Doug Collins

Start with leash training

Comfortable walking on a leash before attempting to walk. Train each dog to walk calmly on a leash, responding to basic commands like "sit" and "stay."

Use appropriate equipment

Leashes and harnesses or collars for each dog. Avoid using retractable leashes for walking multiple dogs, Opt for fixed-length leashes.

Introduce walking together

Begin by having a helper walk one dog while you walk the other. closer together during the walks until they become comfortable walking side by side.

Practice commands

Train your dogs to respond to commands such as "heel" or "leave it." This will help you maintain control and prevent them from pulling.

A Y-shaped leash splitter

Attached to your main leash, allowing you to walk two dogs at once. This splitter has two branches that attach to each dog's leash.

Maintain proper positioning

Position yourself in the middle while walking both dogs. This allows you to have equal control but with enough slack to allow the dogs to walk comfortably.

Be vigilant and patient

Keep an eye on both dogs throughout the walk, ensuring they are walking calmly and not becoming entangled. Regain control before continuing.

Low-distract environments

Start walking both dogs together in a low-distraction environment such as your backyard or a quiet park. As they become more comfortable and responsive.

Reward good behavior

Praise and reward your dogs for walking nicely together. Offer treats, verbal praise, and petting to reinforce their positive behavior during the walk.

Mindful of each dog's needs

Remember that each dog has different energy levels and walking preferences. Attention to their needs and adjust the pace and duration of the walk accordingly.

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