How Your Zodiac Sign Signals Love


Aries are great givers of gifts. Since they are so competitive, their love language is making you feel as though you have won a prize. Flowers, a new, eye-catching item, a massage, and travel.


A Taurus will show you their sensitive side as a way of telling you how much they care. While the majority of their pals fall for their retail therapy and ostentatious, frequently pompous sense of style.


Geminis will show their adoration for you once they stop worrying about letting it all hang out. They can easily project a polished picture since they are so successful and organised.


When a Cancer falls in love with you, they want you to be a part of their crazy life path so far and to join their web.


Leos that are in love with you will pick you above their best friend. You won't be able to persuade them to decide that for themselves, but it will unavoidably happen on its own at some point in a relationship.


A Virgo will criticise you in order to show their love for you. They will treat you harshly, like Kleenex at a funeral, even though you will be held to a higher level than everybody else.


A Libra will show their love for you by doing something that is uncomfortable for them. If people feel comfortable confiding in you with something they ordinarily avoid, such as karaoke, or vacation planning.


A Scorpio will reply to your SMS as a method of showing how much they love you. Few others have access to the immediateness and enthusiasm you'll feel.