Inkcredible: 8 Places to Get a Gorgeous Tattoo


If you're wearing a strapless top, this is a bold choice, but it's easy to hide with a T-shirt.

Top of the arm


It might not be the most comfortable spot to get a tattoo, but it can look great.

Inside the ear


A place that can make a statement with straps or an off-the-shoulder cut, but can also be hidden with sleeves.

Along the shoulder bone


The back of your arm is a great place for a statement tattoo, especially one that is bigger.

Back of the arm


We love where this is placed and how it peeks out from behind your hair. Just know that if your hair is short or you wear it up, it might not be easy to hide (unless you pull out your rollnecks).

The neck


The perfect place to put something you want everyone to see.

Edge of your hand


It's easy to hide but very pretty and delicate.

The side of your ribs


How cute is this plan? It's clear that only certain styles would work here, but we still like it a lot.

The fingertip