Inked Inspiration: 9 Gorgeous Tattoo Ideas for Women

Moon Phases

This moon-inspired little tattoo is lovely. Its transitory nature makes this one cool. So you can test placement before inking!


Follow Your Arrow

This little tat would give any backless garment a cool and meaningful edge. Remember: arrows always move ahead!


Just Keep Breathing

Now that mental illness is recognized worldwide, "breathe" tattoos are quite trendy. This little tattoo reminds anxiety and depression sufferers.


Fly Free

Butterflies represent beauty, freedom, and change. This tattoo may suit you if you're starting a new chapter!


Salt Life

Beach life! If you like living on the beach, get a little tattoo to convey your devotion.


Tiny Bubbles

This little tattoo is perfect for wine night with the girls! These BFF tats are fast, so you can pour yourself a drink of champagne to celebrate.


Give Peace A Chance

Olive branches symbolize peace. This little tattoo represents inner tranquility and beauty!


Book Lover’s Dream

Books are special. This simple book honors your enjoyment of getting lost in tales. tattoo


On Angel’s Wings

Angel wing tattoos symbolize freedom, trust, and protection. This little tattoo might be a simple remembrance tattoo.