Irresistibly Adorable:  10 Things Guys Love About Girls

Tying your hair or randomly touching it

Guys find it cute and fascinating when girls tie up their hair. They also like it when girls touch, flip, or tuck their hair behind their ears.


Wearing high heels

Guys find high heels attractive because they make legs look longer and the walk more sensual.


Giving him a back or neck massage

Guys love massages from their partners. It relaxes them and soothes their minds.


Wearing your comfy PJs

Guys find girls in their PJs attractive because they look natural, comfortable, innocent, and cute.


Resting your head on his shoulders/chest

Guys love this feeling too, as it shows that they are trusted and that they make the other person feel safe. Holding someone close can make a guy feel like he is protecting them from the world.



Guys find it cute and adorable when girls blush. Blushing makes girls seem innocent and sensitive, which makes men fall harder for them.


Displaying your affection on social media

You can express your love for your man on social media to show him how much you appreciate him. Just be careful not to post anything too private or cheesy.


Wearing his clothes

Guys find it charming when you wear their clothes. It makes you look cute and sends the message that you belong to him.


Expressing affection in public

Guys love it when their girls show affection in public. You can show your affection subtly by holding hands, touching his shoulder, or putting your hand around his waist.


Listening carefully when they speak

Guys appreciate it when their girlfriends listen to them without interrupting or judging them. It shows that you care and makes them feel loved.