Lotus Loveliness: Meaningful Tattoo Inspirations

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Orange Lotus Flower

Micro-realism and fine-line lotus designs are popular. Over-saturated lotus blooms are lovely. Orange or red tattoo ink may stand out.


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Realistic Lotus Flower

Gradual shading and detailed stamens helped this lotus tattoo seem natural. The petals' movement and black outlines contrast with the shading.


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Triangle and Lotus Flower

Add details to customise your lotus blossom tattoo. Geometric lines and circles decorate this one.


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Bold-Lined Lotus Flower

It seems more intricate with this lotus flower tattoo. Ink embellishment highlights the flower's center. For symmetrical designs, use the forearm, tricep.


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Ankle Lotus Flower

The tapering and finely rounded petals make this basic tattoo seem genuine. With pants, its simple form and location above the ankle stick out.


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Finger Lotus Flower

Want a smaller lotus flower? This finger tattoo is basic yet fascinating.


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Stemmed Lotus Flower

Lotus flowers don't float alone. Add a long, delicate stem and a little leaf to your design to make it charming.


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Egyptian Lotus

Ancient Egyptians often invoked the Sacred Blue Lotus of the Nile, which inspired the Egyptian lotus tattoo.


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Hindu Lotus Flower

The dotted lines and petals of this lotus flower resemble Hindu design. The lotus flower is sacred to various Hindu gods, thus this makes sense.  


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Elemental Lotus Flower

Ink geometric symbols around the lotus blossom to match the components. The tattoo looks simple and stylish since it uses the same line thickness throughout.